Streamline Your Real Estate Property Management With a Tenant Portal

Streamline Your Real Estate Property Management With a Tenant Portal

Sunny California has some of the most populated, picturesque cities in the entire country.

With a population of roughly 1 million people, the city of San Jose has plenty of real estate and property opportunities available. It's a great place to invest in real estate, particularly when you have the right tools.

Consider offering a tenant portal to your residents. All parties will benefit from this tool, along with the help of a property management company.

Below we'll explore tenant portal real property management and why it's worthwhile.

Residents Appreciate the Convenience

We live in the convenience age. People have options, so you need to be flexible and make it easy for people to pay you or handle resident needs.

Studies show that 20% of consumers in the United States regularly use 7 different forms of payment. Setting up an online portal lets your tenant set up their wallet with the cards, bank account numbers, and other forms of payment. They'll also be able to make maintenance requests, sign documents, and so much more.

You'll Improve Revenue

Owning rental property is a business decision that can give you a solid stream of income. Managing properties correctly helps you increase your revenue.

Streamlining rent collection makes it easier for you to get paid and bring in the revenue that you need. Your tenants are more likely to be late on their rent when they have to buy a money order to pay it. Having to bring their rent to the office and wait for a photocopied receipt also slows the process.

Setting up a portal encourages your tenant to handle their payments on time and in a way that's convenient to them. When running any kind of business, maintaining liquidity is a quality goal, and a tenant portal helps with that. You will get an excellent return on investment (ROI) from your rental properties.

Requests Get Handled Quickly

Your rental business will also be more responsive to tenants when they have a portal. Maintenance requests are handled with transparency, on a tight schedule, and with full communication.

Your maintenance team will get sent alerts and will be assigned tasks in an organized way. This means that your tenants will get the help that they need sooner. It minimizes property damage and keeps everyone happy.

It Helps You Lighten Your Workload

Having a tenant portal in place also streamlines many of your tasks. These portals lighten your load by acting as a third-party platform, much like a property management company.

You'll have access to more owner resources that make your life easier, and your team of professionals can focus on tasks that serve your residents.

Explore Tenant Portal Real Property Management

These tips teach you all about why tenant portal real property management is a great idea for your property. Your next step is to find a property management company that can help install a portal for your property.

PMI San Jose can help you explore these services. We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with us via our website or call us at 408-655-5032.