Do Property Managers Pay For Repairs in San Jose, CA?

Do Property Managers Pay For Repairs in San Jose, CA?

Landlords in San Jose, California, are responsible for keeping the premises safe and in good condition. It's required by law to fix leaks, repair plumbing, and keep the grounds clean, among other things.

On top of other landlord responsibilities, keeping the premises habitable can be time-consuming. Although landlords are responsible for this, they don't have to do it themselves.

Consider outsourcing to rental property management services for maintenance and repairs.

Who Pays for Repairs?

A rental property management company can take over maintenance coordination, but they aren't responsible for paying for repairs. Your money will cover maintenance and repairs.

It's common to open a reserve fund to handle rental property repair costs. As maintenance issues come up, your property manager will use the reserve fund to hire contractors.

The amount you should put in the reserve fund will depend on several factors. Look at past accounting records to get an idea of how much you spend on repairs in a year.

Who Makes the Repairs?

A property management company will find reliable contractors to make repairs. Finding reputable workers can take extra time and money without the help of a property manager.

Most property management companies have a network of rental property contractors they have worked with in the past. Some companies have a crew on staff to handle repairs.

As the owner, you have the final say in who is hired. You can weigh in with your preferences or leave the decision to your trusted property manager.

Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs Process

Now that you know who pays for and makes repairs, you need to learn about the process. Filing a maintenance request can vary depending on your property's policies.

Maintenance Requests

Your tenants can make maintenance requests online with a tenant portal. When they notice a need for repairs or a replacement, they will notify the property manager via the correct form.

Request that tenants provide specific details about the issue they are dealing with.

Request Evaluation

Once the tenant submits the claim, the property management company will check to see if it falls within the scope of their responsibility. They can determine what caused the issue and pinpoint how severe the problem is.

The costs for routine repairs are going to be more affordable than an emergency repair.

Maintenance Coordination

Your property manager will call a contractor and schedule the repair work. If the issue is severe, they will inform you of what to expect from the bill.

A contractor will run through a rental property maintenance checklist and handle repairs. Upon completion, the property management company will get in touch with the tenant to follow up on the repair work.

Work With Rental Property Management

When you hire rental property management in San Jose, California, you don't have to worry about maintenance coordination and repairs. A property manager will take over, but you are responsible for paying.

At PMI San Jose, we offer full-service property management services to landlords like you. With over 20 years of experience, we are equipped to handle your maintenance needs and more.

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